Can i join windows 10 home to azure ad free download. Why Should I Care About Joining a Windows 10 Device to Azure AD?

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Can i join windows 10 home to azure ad free download

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Microsoft Windows 10のバージョン履歴 – Wikipedia


If you are moving your organization to the cloud and using SaaS apps like Office for productivity, you should consider Azure AD Join. Employees can join Windows 10 devices to Azure AD by themselves during the first-run experience or from the System Settings. For these customers, a mixed model is ideal. And they can managed their high turn-over identities in the cloud using Azure AD.

This lets them take advantage of the scale out and cost benefits of the cloud. Now with Azure AD in Windows 10 these cloud only users will get the same great SSO to their PC’s and Office and other cloud resources that had previously only been available to on-premises users. Even where users are provisioned only in your on-premises directory, they get a simplified joining experience for Windows 10 devices that they purchase themselves.

And as an admin you can still take advantage of the automatic MDM enrollment and conditional access offered by Azure AD.

Users get single sign-on to Azure AD-backed resources and to a wide selection of on-premises resources as well. Note: Global Administrators and the device owner are granted local administrator rights by default.


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