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System requirements. Skip to Main Content Skip to Footer. Overwatch League. Log In. Demon Hunter. Witch Doctor. Screenshots Artwork Videos. Cinematic Trailer. Gameplay Trailer. What is Reaper of Souls? Back To Top. What is the story of Reaper of Souls? What new features can see in Reaper of Souls? What is Adventure Mode? Can you give us more background on Malthael? What can you tell us about the new class: the Crusader? Is the Crusader available to all players?

Have any changes been made to the difficulty scaling or settings in Reaper of Souls? How does the new Paragon system work? Will the new Paragon system be available to all players? Players can now earn as many Paragon levels as they please. Paragon levels are now account-wide per game type. Normal characters on an account will share a Paragon level. Similarly, all Hardcore characters on an account will share a Paragon level.

These points can then be spent to boost up various stats in four different categories: Core Stats, Offensive, Defensive, and Adventure. All characters on your account have their own version of the allocated points, which can be reallocated at any time.

Is there an auction house in Reaper of Souls? Is Reaper of Souls coming to consoles? When is Reaper of Souls going to be released? Reaper of Souls was released on March 25th, What languages is Reaper of Souls available in?

What age rating does Reaper of Souls have? Besides saving Westmarch, you must also hunt down Malthael and reclaim the Black Soulstone, a quest that takes you through the crumbling Blood Marsh, the bright heavens, and beyond. While it’s shorter and less character-driven than the base Diablo III story, Reaper of Souls is an action-packed expansion that ups the stakes and offers a much darker tone.

The Reaper of Souls expansion offers quite a big chunk of content, with the main focus being the new story act. There’s a big emphasis on variety in the new act, with a huge slew of fresh enemies to fight. You’ll battle spectral beings, quick death maidens, and hulking executioners, to name a few. The town of Westmarch is depraved and violent, even when compared to the content in the base game.

Even if you’ve played through the original four acts before, it’s worth running through them again, thanks to the new seasonal hero feature. There are now timed seasons with exclusive bonuses for players to get, such as legendary weapons and cosmetic gear. To participate and earn seasonal rewards, you must make a new character and begin your adventure anew. Luckily, there’s a brand new class to try out, the tanky and formidable Crusader. Specializing in shields, heavy weapons, and a bit of magic, the Crusader is a great class for those who keep on the defensive.

Once you’ve completed the main campaign, you can partake in the new Adventure Mode, which allows you to freely roam around the core areas of the game.

In Adventure Mode, you can take on new objectives such as randomly-generated dungeons called Nephalem Rifts, hunting down bounties, and more. Reaper of Souls raises the player level cap from 60 to 70, allowing you to equip an extra passive ability. For those fast-clicking fans who love Diablo III’s classic loot-driven action, Reaper of Souls provides more hours of the content you love.

In addition to new enemies, character classes, and objectives, Reaper of Souls offers an addictive end-game mode that will keep you coming back for hours and hours. With the promise of special loot in the new seasonal rewards, you always have a fancy new item to chase. Between the fantastic new story act and the endless fun of Adventure Mode, Reaper of Souls is a must-play expansion.


Diablo III Reaper of Souls – Download

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Download diablo 3 reaper of souls pc free

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