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How to play Boboiboy Fight Galaxy Battle with GameLoop on PC 1. Download GameLoop from the official website, then run the exe file to install GameLoop 2. Open GameLoop and search for “Boboiboy Fight Galaxy Battle”, find Boboiboy Fight Galaxy Battle in the search results and click “Install” 3. Enjoy playing Boboiboy Fight Galaxy Battle on GameLoop. Boboiboy Galaxy Battle Space Shooting Adventure Game If you want to play a galaxy shooting game with boboiboy then this game is very suitable for you. In this boboiboy fighting game, you will control the space aircraft to attack the other jets. This Boboiboy war battle game is specially developed for boboiboy galaxy cartoon fans and lovers. How to download Boboiboy Wallpaper GALAXY on PC. ① Download and install MuMu Player on your PC. ② Start MuMu Player and complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store. ③ Search Boboiboy Wallpaper GALAXY in App center. ④ Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install Boboiboy Wallpaper GALAXY.

Game boboiboy galaxy pc

BoBoiBoy Galactic Heroes is a casual action RPG mobile game for based on the most popular 3D animated TV Series in Southeast Asia – BoBoiBoy Galaxy. Fight with. Power up and hop into BoBoiBoy, the free endless run game based on the popular kids show full of adventure, addicting fun, and a stunning galaxy of.


Game boboiboy galaxy pc.Super Boboiboy Galaxy Heroes


An Alien Emperor plans to conquer the galaxy by using Power Spheres, robots that can grant super powers to anyone who becomes its master. BoBoiBoy is a normal kid who has super powers that was given by Ochobot, the last Power Sphere with untold potential. Thanks to his sense of responsibility, BoBoiBoy is now leading a group of super kids to collect and recruit more Power Spheres before they fall into the Emperor’s hands.

To achieve this goal BoBoiBoy has to travel the galaxy from planet to planet and fight epic battles, find new friends and meet new foes. As a superhero, he has the power to control 3 elements – Earth, Wind and Lightning.

Ultimately he can split into the 3 elements, forming 3 specialized elemental heros within a limited time. Gopal is BoBoiBoy’s best friend and is always supportive of his friends. Gopal loves food especially Tok Aba’s special hot chocolate. When Gopal first received his super gadget, he didn’t know what his superpower was.

After a while he can change any objects into food which makes him very happy. Ying is a cheerful girl that also a bestfriend to Yaya. They always compete in every aspect but that doesnt affect their friendships. Yaya is Tok Aba’s neighbour. Don’t be fooled by her gentle personality because Yaya is actually a strict person.

Yaya has the ability to manipulate gravity. Thus, allow her to control the gravity and able to fly. Fang was once one of BoBoiBoy’s enemies but has since became friends with him. He still argues constantly with BoBoiBoy but is ready to help him when trouble comes.

He has the power to control shadows, that also allows him to summon animal forms such as the Shadow Hawk, Shadow Tiger, and the Shadow Dragon. He is kind, loving, wise, and is often the one BoBoiBoy goes to for advice. His Cocoa drinks are very popular, and is even considered as the best cocoa in the galaxy by the invading aliend Adu Du. Papa Zola is a legendary superhero in his own self-titled television series.

He was pulled out of the game into real world when BoBoiBoy and Gopal was warped out. He has since taken a job workig as a teacher at BoBoiBoy’s school where he teaches a huge range of subjects in hillarious ways. His main task is to track the missing power spheras before it fall into a group of evil hands.

Adu Du is a short tempered and bossy alien who is BoBoiBoy’s arch nemesis. He was originally a lone aliend miner who is scouting the galaxy for a new energy source for his people.

Probe is Adu Du’s robot minion who carries out all of Adu Du’s ground missions. He is actually a prototype version which explains his low intelligence resulting to frequent failures. He has a myriad of different weapons contained in his limbs. The infamous space pirate who scours the galaxy for Power Spheras for his own selfish needs. He owns Hookabot, a hook-shaped Power Sphera that he uses as a weapon. Jokertu is one of the new villains that BoBoiBoy and friends encountered in their journey through the galaxy.

With his arsenal of power cards and scepter, Jokertu will oppose those who dare to stand in his way. Kaizo, the Legendary Space Rebel and captain to the rebellion team of his own name. With his energy manipulation ability, Kaizo is able to create force fields at will. He was later revealed to be Fang’s older brother. A group of young superheroes goes on an adventure across the galaxy to find and collect Power Spheres before they fall into the hands of an evil alien emperor.

Watch Game Trailer. Click characters for info. Ying has the power to manipulate time and makes her move from one place to another in a flash. His small pysical body makes him easier to do the undercover process. He has been tasked by his emperor to take control Earth’s cocoa beans. Click on the book for preview.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy Series A group of young superheroes goes on an adventure across the galaxy to find and collect Power Spheres before they fall into the hands of an evil alien emperor.

Episode 3 Trailer Episode 4 Trailer. Episode 5 Trailer Episode 6 Trailer. Episode 7 Trailer Episode 8 Trailer. Episode 9 Trailer Episode 10 Trailer.

Episode 11 Trailer Episode 12 Trailer. Episode 13 Trailer Episode 14 Trailer. Episode 15 Trailer Episode 16 Trailer. Episode 17 Trailer Episode 18 Trailer. Episode 19 Trailer Episode 20 Trailer.

Episode 21 Trailer Episode 22 Trailer. Episode 23 Trailer Episode 24 Trailer. Mecha Probe Power: Tembakan Torpedo. Yaya Power: Apungan Graviti. Effect: Pihak lawan harus tunjukkan salah satu kad dalam tangan. Effect: Kurangkan setengah dari ATK kad lawan. Ying Power: Larian Laju. Effect: Pihak lawan jika menggunakan kad Roktaroka. Gopal Effect: Pihak lawan jika menggunakan kad Roktaroka. M Power: Panah Elektrik. Papa Zola Power: Sut Normal. Effect: ATK lawan jika setiap kali menang osom. Effect: ATK kad lawan jika setiap kali menang osom.

Penjahat Junkberg Effect: Tiada. Fang Power: Kuasa Populariti. Effect: ATK kad lawan CetakBot Effect: Tiru efek kad lawan. Laksamana Tarung Power: Sarung Komondok. Effect: Serangan pertama lawan tidak berkesan. Laksamana Tarung Power: Sarung Bearimau. Effect: Serangan lawan tidak berkesan sebanyak 1x. Effect: Pihak lawan hilang giliran pertama. Laksamana Tarung Power: Sarung Katakululu. Effect: Gantikan kad di zon aktif dengan salah satu di dek kalah secara rawak.

Gopal Power: Emoti Gedik. Effect: HP kad lawan jika kad lawan adalah kad Fang. Ying Power: Emoti Menari. Effect: Serangan musuh tidak berkesan sebanyak 1x. Komander Kokoci Power: Emoti Sentap. Yaya Power: Emoti Menari. Robot Lanun Merah Effect: Tiada. Fang Power: Separa Harimau Bayang. Robot Lanun Biru Effect: Tiada.

StealthBot Power: Kuasa Halimunan. Effect: ATK lawan tidak berkesan sebanyak 1x. Effect: Tiada. Yaya Power: Graviti Pemberat. Kaizo Power: Tetakan Pedang Tenaga. Effect: Efek kad lawan tidak berkesan. Nut Effect: Pindah mana-mana 1 kad dalam dek kalah ke dek menang. Papa Zola Power: Sut Lanun. Laksamana Tarung Putih Effect: Tiada. Type: 3D Animated Series. Format: 26 episodes x 22 mins. Target Audience: 7 – 12 years old.


Game boboiboy galaxy pc


Super Boboiboy Galaxy Battle Fight is a 2D action-fighting game and running game for mobile platforms A legend character of our Childhood Boboiboy Galaxy games succeed to join indispensable list of game fighters. As you know, while Boboy searching Super Boboiboy Galactic Battle Fight, he discovers the world and he encounters with lots of difficulties.

The objective of Boboiboy is beating all of the enemies on your way. In this game, you have to transform into heroes Boboiboy. One Super Boboiboy Warrior.

Can turn into Super Boboiboy. To protect the Earth from enemies and He placed the god of destruction Berus in the game you have to accumulate a penny earned. To improve blood supply, strength and skill of their Boboiboy. Note the magic beans in the game. We help you revitalize blood and mana Unlike Movies Boboiboy. The enemies in the game will differ slightly. Beautiful and attractive.

Boboy the protagonist keeps searching Boboiboy Games. If you do not want your enemy to find Super Boboiboy before you, get the lead out! And beat all of your enemies. You can play this game with your buddy besides playing as single. You will not realize how time passed while playing. Phoenix Force will challenge you and your friends in boss battles to see who has the best dodging and strategy skills. Many years after the Earth was burned to ashes, the Phoenix was reborn and found the world full of monsters.

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Great app, great design. The BEST match-3 game on the marketplace! Pirate’s Path leads you through a story with over 50 unique levels as you search for an ancient pirate treasure.

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Privacy Statement. Super Boboiboy Galaxy Heroes. Official Club. See System Requirements. Available on HoloLens. Description Super Boboiboy Galaxy Battle Fight is a 2D action-fighting game and running game for mobile platforms A legend character of our Childhood Boboiboy Galaxy games succeed to join indispensable list of game fighters. Show More. People also like. Upward Free. Dictionary Free. My Piano Phone Free. Pirate’s Path Free.

Alchemic Phone 7 Free. Mind Your Step Free. Published by OUAZ. Approximate size Age rating For all ages. This app can Access your Internet connection.

Permissions info. Installation Get this app while signed in to your Microsoft account and install on up to ten Windows 10 devices.

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