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  • Bogomolets National medical university (NMU) is a medical school founded in 1841 in Kiev, Russian Empire by the Russian Tsar Nicolas.


  • The University is named after physiologist Alexander A.Bogomolets.NMU provides medical training for over 10,000 students, including about 1,300 Foreigners from 56 countries. The university employs about 1,200 teaching staff.


  • Bolometers National medical University has around 1500 professors. Includes in the number are 855 Ph.D. and 205 Doctors of Sciences. Thus, the students are trained by expert professionals and academicians in the field of medicine.


  • The University was founded by the Royal Highness of My kola. Bolometers National University is one of the best medical universities in Ukraine.

  • Kharkiv National medical university was founded in 1805, a decree about its foundation was signed by the Russian Tsar Alexander 1, and the first statutes of the university were approved at that time.

 Over 700 teachers work at the departments of the university. Staff capacity is 5 corresponding members NAMN Ukraine, 17 Honoured Scientist of Ukraine 2 Honour high school Ukraine, 13 distinguished doctors of Ukraine,
  8 winner of the state prize of Ukraine in Science and Engineering, 28 academicians of the public Associations, Since 1951, the university has been training medical personnel for countries of Eastern Europe, China, and Magnolia, and Latin America. At present, there are about 3400 foreign students in the Kharkiv national medical University who study at the   preparatory, Department, medical, Nursing, and Dental Faculties.

  • Kyiv Medical University or private higher educational establishment “Kyiv Medical University”    is a Ukraine higher educational institution. Establishes in 1992, about 3,500 people study at the University.


  • As a university with the highest level of accreditation by the Ministry of Education and

      Science of Ukraine, all degrees issued to foreign students are legalized and apostil led

       by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Ukraine


  • Kyiv Medical University is constantly trying to improve its level and become better!  And we succeed, thanks to your support! Yes, in 2019 we became the best private institution of higher education.


  • Kyiv Medical University works hard to raise its level and become the best! Thanks to the support, we are successful! For example, we became the best private higher education establishment of 2019.


   1. It is one of the best oldest (235years) universities in Ukraine with a level VI    accreditation.

   2. Offer one of the best MD (MBBS) programs in Ukraine which are approved by MCI

   3. One of the few medical universities to be accredited by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

   4. Has the most advanced physical infrastructure with a huge campus, airy classrooms, fully equipped lab, and     other auxiliary services. Offers up to 91 specializations at the PG level. Students who have successfully.

   5. Completes the MBBS program can opt to pursue their post-graduation from the same university 

   6. Classes conducted in this university are 100%in English. It is one of the few universities in Ukraine with a strict’     No Donation ‘policy 

  7. Has tie-ups with many scientific institutions such as University of Cambridge, Uk , New York   Medical Centre,     US, Ukrainian medical Society, Canada, etc.


The candidate must be 17 years old on or before 31st December of the year in which the admission is being taken. All the candidates must have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as elective subjects and acquired at least half in a total pf PCB joined. The candidate must have scored a minimum of 50% of marks in subjects like Physics, Biology, Chemistry combined.


The Kharkiv University of Karazin University or officially V.N karazin Kharkiv National University is
one of the major universities in Ukraine and earlier in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union.
It was founded in 1804 through the efforts of Vasily karazin becoming the second oldest university in modern-day Ukraine after the University of Lviv.
On 29 January 1805, the Decree on the opening of the Imperial University in Kharkiv came nto force.
The University became the second university in the south of the Russian Empire. It was founded on the initiation of the local community with Vasily Karazin at the force, whose director being the philosopher Ivan Rizhsky.

 Under the Soviet Union, the University of Kharkiv has decorated the order of the Red Banner of Labour, the order   of  the October Revolution, and the other of peoples ‘Friendship.

 Kharkiv National University holds second place in Ukraine in the volume of publications, and   citations in scientific  database Scopus and Hirsch index, best academic results. 

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