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    Indo Abroad is a leading and one of the finest education consultancy for MBBS study in India and abroad. Education has neither language nor boundaries and is scattered worldwide in the form of Universities. Aligning their vision at future students dream to pursue MBBS abroad and attain the international degree, but there are always gigantic hurdles.

    India is a talent erupting volcano, but still a multi skill and versatility is not encouraged. Students lack guidance in choosing the right medical college/universities for MBBS. This where our role comes into play. We welcome you at our digital platform.

    We took a firm initiative to provide every minute and best details about the finest medical universities and colleges situated in India and abroad.


    What We Do?

    India is a country with bundles of talent, but still lacks exposure. Awareness about the course, Higher Education, fees involved, location and right guidance for entrance exam preparation can not be understood by everyone and requires outside help.

    Indo Abroad is an interlink between the students and the colleges and helps the learners and their parents in deciding the preferred college as per their skills and capabilities. Our core focus is to provide well suited, affordable and effective step by step counseling services, which includes:-

    • Making the student comfortable and developing a cordial relation between a counselor and student
    • Understanding the core problem of the student
    • Helping the student in realizing the interest and goal setting
    • Regular feedback from the student
    • Student views on the admission procedure

    We aim at understanding the goal of the student behind studying overseas and propose them the best course based on their interest and educational background.

    Director’s Message

    Dear Students,

    I heartily welcome you to Indo Abroad and appreciate your effort to join this prestigious consultancy, the torchbearer for medical students helping the student in selecting the right medical college/ universities for MBBS. You are about to open new realms of medical education unveiling a wider scope of greater opportunities and challenges. The first step towards a bright medical career is choosing the finest medical school. We understand your  requirement and are more than happy to help you out.

    Our aim is to present a plethora of medical universities to students based on his strengths and interest and guide them in choosing the best medical university and practical training required in the medical field.

    We have taken the initiative to provide you the best medical university imparting quality education, practical training and other resources required in the field of medicine.

    Untapped talent if not nurtured will go in vain. We  want to gather every aspiring student under  a roof and help in fulfilling their endeavors, building a lofty edifice of  success and glorious career.

    Our aim is to impart education at every doorstep and make them a responsible citizen. Our reputation is not based on boastful claims, but track record speak volumes about our achievements.

    I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

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    Our Student Testimonial

    Rahul Mishra

    It was Delight Full Experience, Everything had been breez till now. i am thankfull of all the help and would like to wish Indo Aboard more success in future

    Vinay Chauhan

    My Decision to come to Indo Aboard was definetly the right one . studying in the faculty of MBBS Has provided me with a myraid of new experience

    Ravi Shah

    Their Experienced Counselors Understood my Requirements and helped me Selecting right Institute as according with my priority  

    Priya Rawat

    The First Thing that attracted me to Indo Abroad was is excellent reputation for producing world class research in the area of MBBS

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