Our mission is to offer higher education in medicine that is based on science and best international practices.

We believe that educated people help raise society’s awareness, destroy stereotypes and create freedom in the society that is based on morals and intellectual independence. Enlightened people reduce poverty, increase healthcare accessibility and effectiveness in the world, take care of environment and together they create common welfare.

We keep developing with the belief that every young person deserves high quality education and the opportunity for education is one of the fundamental human rights. Being a doctor is a worthy and important occupation. Moreover, every young person, no matter the reason for choosing this profession should realize that it takes a lot of hard work to achieve the desired goal.

Based on our 29-year-old experience, our university significantly contributed to the field of medicine in order to prepare worthy doctors. No matter where AIETI graduates pursue their occupation, in Georgia or abroad, they are already professionals, attentive to their patients and full of responsibility towards the field and the society. This is what the university expects you to do as well.

Our faculty and professors, partner institutions of the university on national and international levels are ready to work with you, to include you in the studying and research processes, for the consultations supporting your career development.

Dear students, only with knowledge and high professionalism can every specialist find a deserving place in the society. Our university serves this goal as well.

On behalf of the academic society of our university, we wish you success in studying and professional development. Together, we will manage to contribute to the fields of medicine, biomedicine and healthcare sciences, as well as in the development of professional societies.